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The best leaders in the world know that you can’t always be on. You don’t always feel your best.
However, they all have discovered different ways to quickly get out of funks and return to a peak state where they can be successful.

Here are three things you can do that when put together nothing can stand in your way.
“Emotion is Created By Motion.” - Tony Robbins


Emotion is created by motion. In other words, emotions are linked to movement in our bodies. Observe your posture when you are happy, as opposed to when you are sad — or what you look like when you are angry, versus when you are elated.

There’s a difference, right? It is not only in your physical appearance but also in your brain. If you have a poor posture, it only lends itself to poor emotions, or a negative state.

Good posture and alertness produces a more positive state.

We all get in a lousy psychological and emotional states at times, but when you find yourself in that place, change your body and get in a peak state!

I’ve been getting messages about the breathing exercise.

I forgot to mention it in the video. If you are not used to doing this... it will make you woozy.

It happens because when you take a deep breath and hold it... your lungs absorb more oxygen and put it into your blood. Your muscles and your brain are getting more oxygen than it is used to.

The wooziness is your brain thanking you for taking a deep breath. LOL

Also... to Take deeper breaths you will need to start breathing at your diaphragm... not just your upper chest. Your diaphragm is at the bottom of your lower ribs. 2/3rds of your lungs don’t get filled if you only breath using your upper chest.

If you are not used to breathing deep like this, you may want to sit down and maybe... don’t do it while you’re driving.

You add to that these breathing exercises, and always thinking of your end goal as if you have achieved it or remembering a when you felt amazinglyng... you may become unstoppable!

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